Saturday, April 13, 2013

Winter in NYC

We didn't have hardly any snow this winter here in the Big Apple, but in the beginning of February, we did have a fantastic great snowstorm that dumped enough snow even to make it last for two days!!!

I was "dog-sitting" for some friends who went to India for a wedding, and the pooch and I had fun in the snow....

This is Lenny... not looking too excited,
but believe me, HE WAS!!!!
Lenny with some of his favorite friends!

A few skiers were out as well (made me feel quite at home! LoL)
They had so much fun these guys, it was hilarious to watch!
Smelling the snow before eating it... always a good rule to stick by!!

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Ann said...

Very puppy pictures and yours are have the makings there of a great children's book.... am certain all poochie aficianados would buy it for their little ones to enjoy! (Know my kleine Kis baba would love to add it to her book shelf)

Belated birthday greetings from clear by in January....hope you enjoyed a marzipan treat.... and my wishes for your to stay well!!!! Just in case another "bug" should visit, know you are wishes a "gute Besserung"!
viele Liebe,, Ann