Saturday, April 13, 2013

For Ann, with Love ;)

It's been a cold and rotten awful winter for this Norskie here in the Big Apple and I've been sick more times and ways I care to count.... Therefore my poor blog has suffered as result, because honestly, how many blog posts about sickness, and coughing and snot can one handle? I mean I got bored even trying to compose them... so, here's to a happy new season, SPRING!!! (though it also brings it's own challenges *achoo* *sniffle*)

So to sum it up: Winter = a lot of illness

Job-wise, I have yet to find a new full-time position, and it's starting to get dire. But I charge on, and send out as many inquires and resumes as I can. I am lucky to have great friends in my church who hire me to babysit occasionally so I've been able to scrape by so far... Hopefully something will give soon though, and the perfect fit will come through..

My darling Primary children have been sorely missed through the time when I've been sick, so that is another area I am looking forward to getting back to. It is surprising to me how gratifying it is to be in Nursery, even though we have a huge group of kids (so big we've had to divide into two groups)

Even "star-catching" has been low this winter, though they did film parts of an episode of Elementary up the street from my house and I was able to renew a friendship made last summer with some crew members. I didn't get up close to the two "main" stars, (Lucy Liu and Johnny Lee Miller) but was able to watch them film a scene inside the building... Exciting stuff, though I sorely missed my sweet friend, Areum, whom I went "star-catching" with all last year..
(FYI: Elementary is a modern take on Sherlock Holmes set in our day, and usually runs on CBS)

So there's the latest from me for now, hopefully this is me, "back in the saddle again" as the song goes... xoxoxo

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Ann said...

WOW!!!!!! wunderbar wunderbar!!!! DANKE DANKE DANKE All your creative work is gorgeous inspite of your long time hosting of the dreadful winter bug!

Videochatting with you and Elizabeth last evening at Linda B's was such a look healthy, (couldn't see your pinked-out cheeks) and sounded great!

Hope your NY in the spring time will be lovely and your search for full time work will result in a wonderful job. Know that whoever you "nanny" will indeed be most fortunate!