Saturday, April 13, 2013

Creativity Burst

Someone else's bag that I used for inspiration
I've had some time on my hands this winter, and something I've gotten into these past months are these awesome "patchwork quilt tote bags"... which basically is a bunch of squares sewn or embroidered (by hand) with different items within a "theme", and then one attaches all these squares and make a bag/tote.

It's awesome because one can do so many things within a theme, and no one bag will ever be the same...

Being the geek that I am, and having the geeky friends that I do, I've worked on three of these "patch-totes" this winter....

One bag's theme was Marvel/Avenger's Loki (a comic book figure made popular by a few action movies the past few years, and his gorgeous British portrayer; Tom Hiddleston)

The two other bags were Doctor Who themed.
Doctor Who is a British Family oriented Science Fiction show, that has run for over 60 years and have seen an upsurge of popularity lately. Since it's been running so long there are a lot of characters, items and phrases to choose from, so by far I think that's made these the easiest ones to pick squares for...

Following are some photos of these projects in various stages... I'm not just a little proud of them, I'll admit!!

"Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff"
is a phrase from Doctor Who

Rose Tyler is a character from Doctor Who

A very creepy Angel!!! A monster on Doctor Who

This is called a Dalek, it is a monster on DW

A take on exploding stars, kind of like Van Gogh

Gallifrey, an alien planet
also from Doctor Who

parts of The first bag, Loki themed

And last, but not least, for Christmas I made some rather cute (I thought at any rate) bead snowflake ornaments...

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Ann said...

Totally awesome and delicate are your twinkly snow flakes....I would love to buy one or two for my tiny Christmas tree....(which I might add is still up in my front room.) At the rate I am going, I might just consider it decorated early for Christmas 2013!

Your patchwork skills are equally fantastic...gorgeous, gorgeous!! I still have your little baby needlepoint block you made for Elizabeth....I gave her one to have in Denver and I kept one in SLC...such a happy memory of our two weeks together 16 months ago!