Tuesday, September 17, 2013

contemplations and decisions

Anticipating the future is sometimes comparable to expect a root-canal or an operation. Knowing it will improve your life doesn't necessarily make it more appealing or favorable.

This is perhaps when stronger men and women than me speak of bravery, faith and forging ahead.. however I don't share those virtues or qualities of an obvious hero... The unlikely, reluctant, stumble-into-and-it-works-out-in-the-end kind of anti hero is more me..

So what to do then... when plans needs to be made, decisions need to be settled upon, and heart, might and mind wont come together and agree... and there's no heroic characteristic to be found in oneself....

For me, it's not the "big" things I have a hard time fighting for.... it's the small "maybe"'s that I have a hard time with... and for someone who is as stubborn as I am, it is quite impressive really, how "flip-floppy" I can be!!!!


kimi + joe said...

This post is so vague, are you moving, cutting your hair, attempting a new job? I need details! Good luck with whatever it is :)

Ann said...

Hi Hi Line,

Always am intrigued by your blog additions even when they leave me somewhat baffled!!! Hope all is well with you and what ever path you may travel!! Love, Ann

Anonymous said...

I read one of your comments on goodreads from three years ago. It was pretty homophobic. I was curious to see if any of your views had changed since then or if you still feel the same way.