Wednesday, July 10, 2013

midsummer's eve

This afternoon finds me doing one of my favorite past-times... reading a book, under a tree, in a warm Central Park, on a lovely summer's eve.
A few yards away, a theater troupe is going through sword fights, and readings... then start practicing Henry the V for a performance (or so I presume.).. Across the way, some children are playing on a large rock, whilst horses hooves and bike bells jingle softly in the background.

It is summer in Central Park.

Others hasten by, to or from work, there are your typical tourists and families out to enjoy a nice summers eve, and people walking their dogs... but I find comfort in my pages, and the birds chatter around me. Though the theatre troupe intrigues me and catches my attention as well....

This is bliss... 

This is "that men might have joy" And in this moment.. I have joy. I am content.

As the sun sets behind the horizon (aka. as the high buildings along the Hudson), we will all move on to our various destinations... but in this moment, we are one. We are together. And in cold winter eves I will remember this moment. This snapshot of a summer in New York. 

NB. Thanks to Tom Hiddleston and his truly amazing and awesome performance, I am now intimately familiar with Henry V. And also now have the ability to truly enjoy the performance before me.. THANK YOU Hal (aka. Mister Hiddleston)

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Ann said...

Hi Hi Line,
Inspire by your writing....always so descriptively perfect!!! Think of you often and hope all goes well for you!
SLC equates to "scorching summer"....wish we would stop breaking these blazing heat records..."genug ist genug"!!

Take care and keep up your bloggings!